Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Three Most Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying Power Washers

Power washing or pressure washing is much into demand these days due to its increased usage in cleaning. High power washing are mostly used by the professionals due to the many advantages. These power washing is normally done and achieved by the designed pumps. This particular cleaning type is much powerful than the normal conventional procedure which is done by garden hose.

There are manifold of benefits of power washing and when you make use of these technique on concrete, it result in removal of mildew and mold, dirt stains and other undesirable or stubborn elements. Along with that power washing is generally used by the cleaners to click wooden deck along with by homeowners, to enhance the looks of vinyl or aluminum siding by removing dirt and pollution. Now you can get Power Washer Sales and Repair Cork from reputed companies.

Consider reading the following to know some the answers of some of the most common questions asked by the people.

1.Is there any advantage of making use of  hot water pressure washer in spite of cold water pressure washer?

While selecting a pressure washer, you need to understand where are you going to use it. If you are going to use it for the removal of dirt and dust on surface, you require cold water. Apart from these, other accessories like rotating brushes or pressure nozzles, making use of cold pressure washer becomes a valuable choice as it decrease cleaning time while improve cleaning power.

 However, on the other hand if the cleaning surface is oily or have grease, then hot water prove to be a valuable choice. Just like the way we prefer hot water for removing grease from hand, for removal of grease from surface it also require the same. Consider hot water for a better result.

2. Will i have a direct drive pressure washer or belt driven?

Belt driven are mostly used for the industrial or commercial purpose. When the cleaning requirement is high like over 20 hours a week, this type proves to be a better choice.
When you don't require 20+ hours per week, then direct drive is a feasible choice. These are generally more compact and comes with easy transportation ability. Aside everything, these are cost-effective choice.
3. Gas or electric pressure washer- Which one is better?
This is completely up to the customer whether they need a gas or electric washer. For indoor usage, electric usage is better as they do not give out harmful fumes, require less maintenance and quieter. 
With the gas type, you get different choices while choosing an engine. In addition to this, the engines of these washer do not need power cord thereby is a portable choice. 
So, hopefully above-mentioned points have helps you gather some knowledge on power washers. Clean Ireland products offering Power Washer Sales and Repair Cork services prove to be a better choice for getting a good machine.

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