Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are not new in the market but then again with the advent of advanced technologies, things have become much more complex. Since the options are many, choosing one from the list of many is actually very hard. We are aware of the fact that there are various types of vacuum cleaners present in the market and therefore, prior to investing, considering a few major aspects is very important. This will help to eliminate the chances of additional expenses in future and will suffice your needs and requirements.

So, read the following points to know the important things to consider prior to choosing one in order to eliminate the chances of regret.

Areas that you need to clean:

This is the primary consideration that you need to take in order to get the value for the investment. You might think why you need to know the space, but according to it  you can invest on larger or smaller models. If the area is  small better to invest on small modern and for larger areas, the larger models are a better choice. This along with buying vacuum Sales and Repair Cork from some companies like Clean Ireland Products will help you save money yet offer a fruitful result.

Upright or Canister

These are the basic two types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. But definitely you need to analyze properly prior to investing on any one of its type. Canister vacuums prove to be a better choice as it gives you more freedom of handling. In case you have long staircase, the canister type  makes a better choice as upright type hose might result in limitations. If you don't have to move the vacuum cleaner up and down expect one a similar level, upright type prove to be valuable choice since balancing them are harder.

Bagless or Bag:

There are manifold upright models that are now available in the market which comes with bagless feature. This is undeniably a beneficial point as it can save a lot of money on buying the bags. However, if you rely more on the bag model, the better decision lies in buying package of bags with the vacuum purchase.

Air Quality Features and Hepa:

Hepa filters are great features, which actually removes  the particles and prevents from getting back into the home before exhausted. But the difficulty lies in regular replacement and cost. With advancement, numerous advancement have taken place and as a result these days, canister vacuums also come with this particular feature thereby ensuring a hassle-free operation.

Aforementioned are some of the aspects that you definitely need to consider to get value for the investment. Now you can get hold of the Vacuum Sales and Repair Cork service offered by the companies at a feasible price. So consider these aspects and stay on the safe side.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Do’s And Dont’s Prior to Buying A Pressure Washer

Cleaning is a necessity and gardening is a hobby. Some people loves gardening while others cannot find time for both. In such circumstances where you cannot invest much time yet require a sufficing result for both, it requires implementation of high end equipment for a better and sufficing result. These advanced techniques and machines have become a blessing for the people but require a reliable source to invest on.

From the many types of cleaning equipment available in the market, pressure washer seems to have ruled the market due to its many advantages. But since the options available in the market are many you need to consider some Do’s and Dont’s prior to investing. Now you can get Karcher Sales and Repair Cork from many reputed firms like Clean Ireland Products.

Following are some of the major Do’s and Dont’s, that when followed will help you to acquire a valuable solution.


  • Do understand the kind of pressure washer: Since there are various types available, understand your required type.
  • Do analyze pressure washer’s water supply requirements: To ensure its longevity, there is always a need to check its specifications.
  • Do ensure about the replacement parts: Always make sure that the pressure washer that you are investing on has the replacement parts that can be easily found in the market.
  • Do make sure about the life expectancy: Since t is about a huge investment, get proper information about its longevity.
  • Do ask about the kind of drive system: There is always a need for understanding the pressure washer’s drive system. Most of the experts recommend for a drive system that can ensure daily use.


  • Don't invest on the pressure washer that has low flow rate:  It is always a preferable choice to invest the pressure washer that has low psi. There is a need for adhering the industrial capacity and therefore it should never be less than 4000 psi.
  • Don’t fail to remember checking the quality and length of the hose:  Make sure that the hose pipe is not lesser than 7.5 metre. It is much better when it is 15 meters.
  • Don’t ever think that higher price means better quality: This is one of the most common mistakes done by the people. When the price is huge, it does not always mean that the quality is superior. So better choice lies in checking.
  • So these are some of the do’s and dont’s that you need to check prior to investing on the pressure washer. Now for Karcher Sales and Repair Cork you can opt for the Clean Ireland Products. They deal with the cleaning and gardening products therefore help to offer a equipment that is known for the quality.

A Smart Pressure Washer Buying Guide

The need for a good pressure washer is always there because of its number of advantages. But then again there are people who are still confused whether they need to buy it or not and which brand to purchase and more such questions. If you fall under this category then this blog will be a help as here you will get the answers of some of the most common questions asked.

Consider reading the following points to get an in-depth guide on purchasing Pressure Washer and Floor Care Equipment Cork as well as get answers of the questions that keeps on stroking your head while and prior to buying.

Why i need to purchase a pressure washer?
Pressure washer is one of such important things that one you get, you will definitely think how without it you had managed all these days. Opting for high pressure cleaning is undeniably a better and simple way to clean your the deck, vehicles, furniture and other equipment and due to its increased demand a huge number of accessories has emerged for a proper cleaning. It makes cleaning simple and less hassling.

How does it work?
These are meant for cleaning by means of water and therefore they are connected to water supply by means of a normal garden hose. It is built with a powerful motor that drives the pump and provide forcible water. These equipment are known for its efficiency as they offer huge pressure which again helps to clean any surface without putting much effort into it. Even when the pressure washer are known for its high pressure water flow but actually it requires less water therefore helps in saving the natural resource.

Which is the right type of pressure washer?
This is definitely a very hard question to answer as different people has different opinion and the models are being made according to some specifications. When you buy pressure washer according to the requirement, you are definitely going to acquire a fruitful result. When you have estimated your requirements, investing on the equipment that is slightly superior makes sure about perfect working.

What is the prime difference between industrial and domestic pressure washer?
Cleaning performance is the prime requirement and which is why pressure washer are purchased. As per the efficiency, industrial and domestic pressure washer has very less difference. However for heavy duty, stainless steel pistons, brass cylinder heads and quality hoses are given, which makes them better for industrial usage. But if you need to use these equipment over 2 hours a week, relying on the industrial pressure washers prove to be a feasible choice.

So above mentioned are some of the most frequently asked questions will definitely become a help for you. Now get quality Pressure Washer and Floor Care Equipment Cork and simplify your cleaning needs.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Three Most Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying Power Washers

Power washing or pressure washing is much into demand these days due to its increased usage in cleaning. High power washing are mostly used by the professionals due to the many advantages. These power washing is normally done and achieved by the designed pumps. This particular cleaning type is much powerful than the normal conventional procedure which is done by garden hose.

There are manifold of benefits of power washing and when you make use of these technique on concrete, it result in removal of mildew and mold, dirt stains and other undesirable or stubborn elements. Along with that power washing is generally used by the cleaners to click wooden deck along with by homeowners, to enhance the looks of vinyl or aluminum siding by removing dirt and pollution. Now you can get Power Washer Sales and Repair Cork from reputed companies.

Consider reading the following to know some the answers of some of the most common questions asked by the people.

1.Is there any advantage of making use of  hot water pressure washer in spite of cold water pressure washer?

While selecting a pressure washer, you need to understand where are you going to use it. If you are going to use it for the removal of dirt and dust on surface, you require cold water. Apart from these, other accessories like rotating brushes or pressure nozzles, making use of cold pressure washer becomes a valuable choice as it decrease cleaning time while improve cleaning power.

 However, on the other hand if the cleaning surface is oily or have grease, then hot water prove to be a valuable choice. Just like the way we prefer hot water for removing grease from hand, for removal of grease from surface it also require the same. Consider hot water for a better result.

2. Will i have a direct drive pressure washer or belt driven?

Belt driven are mostly used for the industrial or commercial purpose. When the cleaning requirement is high like over 20 hours a week, this type proves to be a better choice.
When you don't require 20+ hours per week, then direct drive is a feasible choice. These are generally more compact and comes with easy transportation ability. Aside everything, these are cost-effective choice.
3. Gas or electric pressure washer- Which one is better?
This is completely up to the customer whether they need a gas or electric washer. For indoor usage, electric usage is better as they do not give out harmful fumes, require less maintenance and quieter. 
With the gas type, you get different choices while choosing an engine. In addition to this, the engines of these washer do not need power cord thereby is a portable choice. 
So, hopefully above-mentioned points have helps you gather some knowledge on power washers. Clean Ireland products offering Power Washer Sales and Repair Cork services prove to be a better choice for getting a good machine.